Garden trellises are great for your plants or vines — and they can also be used as a beautiful way to “screen out” items you may not want to view.  Check out a few of our trellises and how they were used.

A trellis can provide a pathway for your plants and vines to grow.

Use a post mounted trellis to screen mechanical equipment like A/C units, meters, or pool pumps.

Wall mounted trellises can be custom ordered with mounting brackets that allow the trellis to extend above a wall to help screen items like neighbors’ houses, sheds, busy roads — or to simply provide you with privacy.

Use a post mounted trellis outside windows to provide a lush screen wall instead of looking at a blank wall.

Use trellis to help “soften” a house or perimeter walls.

Trellis can also be used to highlight the entry walkway to your home.  

Two post mounted framed woven wire mesh trellis with a matching framed woven wire mesh gate were used to accent this entry walkway.


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