FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you ship?

A:  At this time, we only ship larger (mostly commercial) jobs by semi truck.  We are working on solutions so we can ship smaller orders in a cost effective way to individuals.  Please check back soon.

Q:  Do you sell direct to the public?

A:  Yes we can, but we do our best to support those retailers that sell our products.  Most of our retailers order as needed.  For a list of retail locations — visit this page.  Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Q:  Do the retailers carry the entire line?

A:  Stock varies at each retailer so it is always best to call the retailer.

Q:  Do you have a showroom?

A:  No, our manufacturing facility is located on the same property as our concrete block company.  We do have a large stock of standard trellis and some custom samples that you can look at.  It is best to contact us before you come to our manufacturing facility.

Q:  What colors are available?

A:  Our standard stock colors are matte black and rust (looks like a dark brown).  Custom colors are available by special order.

Q:  Do you install?

A:  No.  Honestly, the trellises are very easy to install.  If you can hang a picture on a wall in your home, you can install a trellis.  All you need is a drill, hammer, level and anchors.

Q:  Do you deliver?

A:  Yes, we can.  Delivery is available in the Phoenix metro area.  Please contact us for details.

Q:  What is the difference between wall mount and post mount?

A:  Wall mount trellises are made to be directly mounted to a wall.  Post mount trellises are made to be installed either straight into the ground or into post holes that are filled with concrete.  Post mounts are used as screen walls for privacy, A/C units, pool equipment, etc.

Q:  Do you offer consultations?

A:  Most of the time, we can complete this by phone or email.  When necessary, we can make site visits for large or custom orders.


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