About Us

Family Owned

Arizona Trellis is part of the Quality family of companies which includes:

The Quality Companies are family owned and have been in operation in Phoenix for over 30 years.

Arizona Trellis began in 2000.   Family members of the Quality Companies wanted something better than wood or plastic garden trellises for their own home.  They decided to design and fabricate their own metal trellises — Arizona Trellis was born!

Made in America — Made in Phoenix

After years of refinement, our standard trellis line features a wide variety of sizes and colors available for almost any job.  We also fabricate special sizes, colors and custom trellises by request.

Arizona Trellises are fabricated at our welding facility in Phoenix — by skilled craftsman, several who have been with the Quality Companies for over 20 years.  We use only American made components in the fabrication process.


Monday - Friday:   6 am to 3 pm              Closed on Saturday & Sunday

Address & Phone

3035 S. 35th Ave., Phoenix, AZ   85009


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